There is no doubt that almost all the electronic products in the market come with a battery no matter how small it is, and usually the battery is unmovable like the PIPO X12 that to some degree it is a little inconvenient for the users. In the other hand, the battery is a harmful for the environment, that's also the reason for the PIPO TV Box that do not equip with the battery that you need to connect it to the power while you use it. For example, the PIPO X9S. However, there is also the special case that equipped with the battery according to the demands of the customers such as the PIPO X10 Pro use the 10000mAh battery that support working for a long time after charge full.


Comparing to the TV Box of the PIPO X8 Pro, the models mentioned before brings much convenience in our daily life that we can move it to the place we like while ignore the power problem. The more detail information about the PIPO Mini PC you can look at here: