As the science development, it is very convenient to buy the products you need from abroad in your home, for there are many online stores provide a great options for us to choose from the food to the daily supplies such as the TV Box, and the PIPO TV Box is one of the popular brands.

PIPO X10 Pro

Many customers with worries that whether the products we bought are great? It comes with the original package? and will it DOA that the sellers have test it before they send out? etc.. Meanwhile, we promised that we are PIPO Tablet online store that all our products such as the PIPO X12 and the PIPO X10 Pro etc.will be tested by our engineer before we send out with 12 months warranty.

What more important is that our price is cheaper than the other stores that you can check by yourself. There are many models in stock and ready to send out like the PIPO X9S, the detail information you can look at here: