It is very convenient for us to buy the products at abroad without go out that there are many options for you to choose the suitable one with the affordable price. PIPO Tablet like the PIPO X10 Pro is made in China that the basic language is Chinese. Although there are more and more foreigners like and learning Chinese, there are still many customers do not understand this long historic language.


For this aspect, many people refuse to buy the products from China especially the electronic devices. I think many people has a misunderstanding about Chinese products that as it was sold at abroad that it should supports the foreign languages especially the English. So, people shoud without worries about the products if you like it such as the PIPO X12 and the PIPO X9S rtc. that both of them support multi-language. If there is not the language you want, you can also add it in the setting. Any question, please contact us without hesitation at here: