In the quick developing internet age, there is not very long time from the desktop, laptop, tablet to the recent popular Mini PC, and people regard it in common in their lives. Today, the topic is the popular Mini PC of the PIPO X10 Pro TV Box, which not only support entertainment, but also solve the files in work for a long time with the unique design that is the best choice to buy one without hesitation.

PIPO X10 Pro

It is equipped with a 10.8 inch IPS screen while the new machine of the PIPO X11S is just equipped with a 8.9 inch screen with the help of 4GB RAM +64GB ROM that the performance is excellent and you will real like it once you get it with the most competitive price.

In addition, there are several other functions like the PIPO X12, such as the USB 3.0 interface, Bluetooth 4.0 etc..What’s more attractive is that it is also equipped with a 10000mAh battery, HDMI interface plus a small fan built in that can cool itself after working several hours, which has not applied on the PIPO X9S. Above all, it comes with many functions to meet your requests in order to use it easy and convenient. The detail information you can look at here: