PIPO TV Box Mini PC is a new digital product, which was designed according to the demand in the market in order to provide a more comfortable and convenient using experience that combine the feature of the TV Box and tablet that is very popular with the wonderful performance like the model of the PIPO X12.


PIPO X12 works with fast and smooth running speed that many customers will buy one more after using it. However, it is out of stock for a period of time that makes the fans a little upset. Today, we bring the exciting news to you that the X12 is in stock again and ready to send out like the PIPO X8 Pro.

The X12 Mini PC has improved a lot on the basis of the last generation, but it is still equipped with 10.8-inch screen with a resolution of 1920*1280 Pixels with the help of the 4+64GB memory combination plus the Intel Z8350 processor on the basis of Win 10 Basis system that is the same as the PIPO X9S.

For many users and companies used it as the office computer and in order to meet the requests of them that the X12 has add the function of stylus and a port of RS232 and we will send the digital pen with the package for you while the PIPO P10 without this special port. You can look and buy it at here: https://www.pipo-store.com/pipo-x12-mini-pc.html.