PIPO Company was founded in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, which focus on producing Tablet and TV Box from the products of MP3 and MP4 Player etc., and provided the high-quality products and after-sale service for many famous brands, and for this reason, it is well known and popular in the market at home and abroad such as the PIPO X12 TV Box.


PIPO X12 is a TV Box that is produced to bring much convenience in our daily life that you not only can use it as a TV for it comes with the screen support multi-touch, but also regard it as a Mini PC with the Win 10 OS that you can solve the Word and Excel files like the PIPO X10 Pro.

As there are many models in the market that many people may be confused to choose the correct one. There is no doubt that the X12 is the smart choice to buy. How about the selling points? It is equipped with a RS232 interface that you can connect it to your print easily. In addition, it can cool itself with the built in small fan especially in the Summer while the PIPO X9S do not applied, and with the help of the digital pen that the performance is excellent.

After out of stock for a period time that it is in stock in the Pipo-Store with a cheaper price than the other stores and it comes with 12 months warranty that you can buy it without any hesitation. The detail information you can look at here: https://www.pipo-store.com/pipo-x12-mini-pc.html