As the Summer is coming that the temperature will be more and more higher, but this do not influence the enthusiasm for us about the electronic device. However, there is a common problem that after a long time working that the machine will be hot with the high temperature. Meanwhile, more and more customers asked us whether the popular TV Box of the PIPO X9S is equipped with a small fan to cool itself?


As we all know that the other popular PIPO Mini PC of the PIPO X12 and the PIPO X10 Pro comes with the fan, and many customers wonder whether the X9S also built in. After we checked it that the Pipo X9S do not built in the fan. But our search and develop team are try to produce the upgrade model. On the other hand, customers do not need to worry that the PIPO device is not easy to be hot. There are many other models in stock, you can look at here: