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PiPo T9S Talk-T9 MTK6592 Octa Core 8.9 inch Retina Android 3G Phone Call Tablets GPS Bluetooth 2GB 32GB

Product Review (submitted on October 16, 2014):
Very pleased with my Pipo T9 - brought of Amazon for @ £144 uk

I should have asked a few questions from Pipo before buying as it turns out the phone only works on speaker phone or ear piece/bluetooth - it does not have an ear speaker built in, also it does not sense when you hold it up and cover the sensor - the screen (and phone keyboad stay live) This has become a real pain and I may end up selling it to get a better Phablet - is it so hard to pot an ear piece in a phablet? I would think not and the cost would be minimal

I like the std jack battery charger socket as the usb ones can break so easily (it also has a usb charger socket on the phone)
Its very annoying that to acsess the usb/hdmi all in one socket for OTG use. You have to remove a cover from the side of the phone, so if you use it often i guesss it will eventually wear loose or more than likely get lost (i aaume it was hidden for tablet asthetics)
All in all a good and powerfull product that could have done with a bit of customer input, and better, more english product page