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PiPo M9 Quad Core Tablet PC 10.1 inch IPS RAM 2GB PiPo Max M9

Product Review (submitted on November 7, 2013):
shipping DHL GREAT !! the tracking was 100% accurate up to the min, and they called day before, and 15 min from house, very nice and professional. I opened box, there was small blue blob in middle of screen. It seemed to be very cold, i turned it on, screen warmed up, blob completely went away. It was decently packaged arrived from china to Ohio USA, 5 days. I don't know why the other review says this things slow, its anything but. This is my second tablet, I also have a dual core, which is slow, night and day compared to this Max M9. browser page loading is uber fast for a tablet. Streams video from net great, no buffering, and streamed movies from both sockshare and flienuke same time, no lag what so ever. smooth. Build quality I give a 4 out of 5 because of some of the parts inside could have been better quality, the rest the build.. it is uber thin, nice gripping on side. speakers you can actually hear, tho they are in rear, would be best if they were front facing toward the top so your hands would not cover on sides whilst using it, just my 2 cents. PRICE and VALUE 5 out of 5. IF you are going Chinese on a tablet, This is the one you want. My friends also have tablets
from Chinese companies and film ware, and speakers seem crap in comparison to Pipo. Not saying perfect, but best bang for buck after shopping around. To sum it all up, SMOOTH is the word for this thing.